Saturday, September 13, 2008

Baby Victory!

Matt and I are the proud new Aunt and Uncle of baby Victory!! She is so adorable. He dad has been serving our country in Afghanistan, and arrived home last Thursday, his little girl waited for her dad and broke her mom's water Friday night, then came to us Saturday morning (after 15 hours of labor)! We are so happy her dad made it home and everything went well! She is such a cutie!

A Romanitc Anniversary!!

Well, I have to say my husband is absolutely AMAZING! He was in charge of planning our anniversary this year and he did a wonderful job. Our 4 year anniversary was on August 27, (I know this post is a little late). That was Labor day weekend, so I had school off on Monday. Matt told me that I needed to take off Tuesday and Wednesday for our "anniversary get away". I hesitated taking off school so early in the year, but he assured me that it would be worth it.

Saturday morning we set off for Italy!! (Totally worth it)! I could not even believe it!

Our trip started off with me insisting we washed the dogs before we left (because they would be very stinky when we got home), therefore causing us to be running a little late, causing Matt to speed and get a ticket, therefore causing us to miss our flight to Rome! Oops! Instead we ended up taking a flight into Venice and I am so glad! It was very romantic and just so beautiful! We were able to go on a gondola ride and see the magical city on the water! We then took a train down to Rome! Most of you probably don't know, but I teach ancient Rome for Social Studies, so Rome is somewhere I have really been dying to go. It was so neat to see the Coliseum and the old Roman forum. It was crazy to think about how old everything was and how many historical events had happened right where we were standing.

Just like our Paris trip I enjoyed the food again (the food in Europe is really amazing). I started every morning off with a chocolate filled croissant, ate Pizza at least one a day (heck, we were in Italy), amazing pasta on a steet ouside with candles listening to live music, and last but not least a lot of gelatos (even ones with nutella).

It was truly a dream come true! We had an amazing time! (We did miss our travel buddies, the Woolfords!)