Friday, February 13, 2009


Another great day in the life of a teacher. Today Edward came to our class!! All of my girls love Twilight and more importantly Edward!! One of the girls in my class is a little obsessed with Edward. She always puts Cullen at the end of her name, on every paper, she talks about him every day, and she even put a love note in her lunch box that said "take care of my heart, for I have left it with you-Edward" and then acted so surprised when she pulled it out. She is really cute! It reminds me a little bit of Jan Chamber's obession with Justin Timberlake! Anyway, today is her birthday and her friends came early to school and they had bought her a life-size Edward. She was so excited and it was adorable! What cute little friends.

Monday, February 2, 2009

New Roommates!!

I have a baby living at my house!! Yes, it is true there is baby food in my pantry! It is really fun, especially since last night when Victory pooped really big, her momma took her and changed her! She is such a happy little girl. Nikki and Victory moved in a couple of weeks ago and it has be so much fun having them around. They just sold their house (amazing in this market) and they are in the middle of buying a new house. They will be with us until they get everything closed. Yea!!