Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Not really, it is my brother Nick. People keep telling him that he looks like David Cook, from American Idol. I can totally see it. These pictures don't really show how much he really does. Not only do they look alike, they have very similar mannerisms, it creeps me out a little. A little crazy!?!? Can you see it?

Matt Won!!! The stump is gone!

Matt finally got the stump out. It was a difficult little bugger! I must let you know why this was an extra difficult task. The nice, sweet lady that lived in our house before us (do you sense sarcasm, you should), decided to plant a tree on top of the power, gas, and phone lines. When the tree grew it roots wrapped all around the cords. If he was just to yank the stump out all of the lines and cords would go with it. Not the best plan. Matt used his muscles and dug that stump out. He worked so hard. Thanks babe!

Friday, April 18, 2008

The tree is WINNING!!!

Matt, Nick, my dad, and Matt's Grandpa cannot get the tree out!! It is totally winning, and the boys are not too happy about it! They get creative on trying to remove the stump.

What should we do?


No, what if we...................

It is still there, still winning!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

The YARD!!

Matt has been working so hard on the yard! He is really getting into it. Thank goodness for Grandpa and all of his toys! At our house in the last week we have had a backhoe three different times and a little, old, orange, tractor from the 50's, twice. My brother, Nick, has been a huge help, I guess he knows in a few years he will needing the favor returned. I took a few pictures because I thought that my working boys were rather adorable. We are still not done, so there will probably be a few more pictures as the process continues!

Grandpa, Dad, Matt, Kev (trouble, really!!)

"Hel-en-a" lot of fun!

Alright I know the title is a stretch but I tried to make it work. It is spring break this week and it is "crazy"!!!! Not really, it should be right, most 23 year olds would be partying in Florida or something! I did leave the state, I went flying with Matt on his trip. He was overnighting in Helena, Montana. For a capital city there was nothing there, I mean nothing. It was like the size of Salem, nothing against Salem, but it is not the capital of Utah! So the highlight of our trip was eating at this cute little grill and getting a basket of fries, I mean a basket, and I LOVE fries!! We also went and saw Leatherheads, which was pretty good. It was fun to just have nothing to do and hang out with each other!

My cute friends!!

Well, this is going to be a bit of a corny blog, but I wanted to tell all of my friends what cute moms they are. I have been hanging out with a few of them and watching them do the "mom" thing, and they are all such great little mommies. I am totally impressed. You can see how much they love their little ones when they look at them and talk about them. Well enough of me rambling on about this, but I am so happy for all of them and impressed on what naturally good and sweet mommies they are!!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Cast your vote now!

So, inspired from some of Tiff's friends, I too, am looking for a new hair style. Tiff likes number 3 (because of the American Idol kid), but I vote for 4 (something about looking like 1000 volts just went through you seems interesting).

So Tiff has wanted me to post something on the blog for a while. So this is what she got. I think she was hoping for a little more content. But thats what happens when she doesn't give me enough direction.
Thanks Kandas and Whitnee for the inspiration for this post.