Friday, January 23, 2009

Congrats Matt!!

For quite a while (many years) Matt has been working on getting is A&P. This certifies him to work on airplanes. They obviously will not let just anyone work on an airplane, you have to pass some pretty intense tests. After passing the test he then had to go to Oklahoma City and work with some examiners to prove he knew what he was doing. I think we all agree that, whoever is working on the airplane you are going to fly on better know what they are doing!! He passed with "flying" colors and I am very proud of him. He is such a "go getter". I love that he is always learning and accomplishing goals that he has.


So.... I love my job! I often get asked why I chose to teach 6th grade. People ask me if the kids are bratty or scary, and I always tell anyone that asks, how much I love them! My kids are so cute and here is a great example. Today was our Science Fair and one of my cute little ones decided to play a joke on me (all of my kids know how much I LOVE Brien Regan and we reference it in class all of the time). She showed up late for school and told me that she had forgot it was the Science Fair. Then she pulled out from behind her back a "kup a dert"! I started laughing my head off and immediately went to show the other teacher, who also loves Brian Regan. She is a cutie and it totally made my day! Here are some pictures of her "Science Fair Project".
Here is her real project!