Thursday, July 23, 2009

Meet the Zebu

His name is Joe.

Tiff has tasked me with chore of writing this post. (She made inform you of this, because she doesn't want any credit for the content of what is written here. I'm not sure why, but consider yourself informed.)

This past week Tiff joined me on one of my overnight trips to Jackson Hole. It was a short layover, so there was no time to hike, run the river, or do any other outdoor excursion. However, while I was flying in, I noticed that there was an event going on at their fairgrounds. So that became our adventure for the night. It was turns out that this week is "Jackson Days" or whatever its called. So they have a rodeo all week, and the "City of Fun" Carnival was also setup there. (So, if you were wondering why Sp. Fork was jaded with some third-rate carnival this year, that would be because the elegant upper class citizens of Jackson Hole stole it from us.)

So Tiff and I ventured down to the fairgrounds to see what we could find. Turns out we just missed Pig Wrestling in the fairgrounds. (Which is too bad, because I have seen Tiff chase Bella and Berk around the house when they know its there bath time. And I am confident that she would have taken First Place, or at least Honorable Mention, if she would have competed.) But what we did find there was even better. I'm sure that you are going to think that it sounds boring. But let me assure you that this place was amazing, and I think that as a community we need to petition the city to add this to our Fiesta Days. This place was no ordinary petting zoo. It obviously had regular farm animals, but it had some of the craziest, yet friendly, animals....enter the Zebu.

Apparently, a Zebu is some massive scary exotic bull from Brazil. I am sure that Zebu means something in Portuguese, like "the bull of all bulls", or "it eats small children for breakfast". (feel free to enlighten us Riley). I am telling you this was one impressively mean looking Bull (lets just say that the size of his horns, make the other bulls from around here very jealous....if you know what I mean). I was quite apprehensive to approach this beast knowing that the only thing that separated him from us was a piece of thin-walled metal tubing. But after seeing some some 6-year old girl befriending him, I figured that I better grow a pair of horns and meet the thing. (Its like the rope swing, you just have to do it....right Milo).

So know, after meeting my new favorite animal. I am thinking of purchasing one of these Zebu's for the backyard. A sort of outdoor pet, if you will. I am sure that Kandas can open a non-profit fund that all of you can assist in donating to our new family mascot at Central Bank. If the Zebu, seems like a bit much I will settle for the donkey. The sign says he is nice, he seems a little pissed off, but I'm sure he is nice.

Tiff wanted me to add more pictures to the post. I guess that is all people really want to see anyway. So here they are for all of you non-readers.

Monday, July 6, 2009

My Husabnd and His Garden!

So.... I have not blogged for 5 months! Wow, what can I say I am not the best blogger. I am going to try to be better about it, but I don't really feel that there are that many interesting things that happen to us.

Ever since we have been married (almost 5 years), Matt has always really wanted to plant a garden. We have lived in our house for 3 summers now and this year, Matt got his wish! Not only did he plant a garden, he installed a "drip system" for watering it, and made a cute little picket fence to keep the dogs out. He is in the process of building a deck, but when you come to our house he doesn't want to show you the deck, he wants to show you the garden. He is really in LOVE with his garden!

It is getting really big and we are starting to get veggies out of it. We have not eaten too many of them, because if you come to our house, you will leave with veggies from "Matt's garden". He is really cute. He takes stuff over to the neighbors. I was joking with him the other day, telling him I didn't marry a version of my mom, or dad, I married a version of my grandpa. (My grandpa is notorious for growing a huge garden and taking the veggies all over town). It is really cute and I love how much he loves it. I took some pictures to share with everyone!